Welcome to The Future Of Aerial Surveying & Mapping

Since 2014, GeoGeo has been pioneering a revolutionary approach for capturing high resolution imagery using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).  We set the bar for their role within geospatial applications, holding the honour of the UK's first CAA approved fixed wing team permitted to operate over live highways and within cities.  

Our aim to dramatically lower the barriers for data professionals and communities alike to access near real time imagery and (geo)data products.  We survey, process, analysis and manage massive point clouds and in turn create valuable 2D/3D data products which can be used within a wide range of desktop and web-based GIS, BIM and CAD environments...and in game worlds and VR but more about that later this year!

Why use our Drone services?


Compared to alternatives such as satellites, manned aerial photography or ground-based terrestrial sensors (i.e. vehicle mounted or handheld), we provide a timely, agile and low cost way of collecting high resolution 2D and 3D imagery.

Accurate & Timely

With an accuracy under 3cm, we're 5 times more accurate than traditional imagery from aircraft and satellites.  What's more, we fly under the clouds to provide our client with near real time understanding of the environments.


Our fully certified & approved pilots are helping to make public disruption and surveying in dangerous environments a thing of the past! Flying at 400 feet allows us to map and survey the world below without the need to disturb it.

There are so many drone companies now but Geo.Geo definitely stand out when it comes to their geospatial application. Definitely a company to watch and, like the rest of the data world, we’re excited to see the launch of Alba3D!
— Site manager, global engineering firm.

new detail, new opportunities

At Geo.Geo, we advocate that drones are 'democratising earth observation' - providing incredible imagery into the hands of the many.  As the pioneers of this technology, we've been engaging and enthusing a variety of sectors, supporting organisations to become 'early adopters' in their own rights, including (i) Heritage & Tourism; (ii) Forestry & Agriculture; (iii) Emergency Response; (iv) Construction & Engineering; (v) Mining & Aggregates

If you'd like to become an early adopter in your industry, please get in touch for a free consultation today!

Alba3D: engineering urban intelligence

As well as providing bespoke aerial surveying services, our airborne geographers have been busy mapping Scotland's seven cities. We've been developing our data platform known as Alba3D to help promote widespread access and adoption of city point clouds and associated data products.  

If you'd like to stay up-to-date with our Alba3D project, sign up today and learn how you can become an early adopter!  

Our pilots are qualified, certified and approved in the UK for both rural and urban operations.

Our pilots are qualified, certified and approved in the UK for both rural and urban operations.

Our airborne team is pioneering UAS surveying applications for archaeology, agriculture, construction, environmental monitoring, flooding, forestry, humanitarian mine action and more!