Analysing & Modelling Real Estate in High Res 3D

UAS Surveying is revolutionising both the speed and affordability to which we can capture, analyse and visualise geospatial data for the real estate and housing sectors.  Whilst fixed wing drones can be used to rapidly map larger areas and create high resolution 3D models of building roofs, multi-rotor solutions enable us to maximise the detail of individual buildings.

This new age of mapping helps showcase to potential buyers not only an overview of the property from all view angles, but also (because it's geographic) the property's proximity to features, such as rivers, lakes, parks or other attractive amenities.

The flexibility of UAS technology enables us to conduct assessments 'on demand', creating full 3D datasets enabling analysis and understanding the latest conditions of the properties below.  But don't take our word for it, get interactive with the 3D map below to see what the future of real estate surveying really looks (and feels) like!

3D model courtesy of Pix4D