Edinburgh City 3D

Utilising 3D surveying technologies within our cities presents large opportunities to support the smart city and urban sustainability agenda, by dramatically lowering the financial constraints to acquire high resolution aerial imagery.  Whether you are a local government, business or community organisation, there are multiple ways in which you can benefit from our work in cities.

Interactive 3D Worlds

At the the most basic level, we can survey cities using the visible light spectrum, capturing the world below at an unprecedented 2cm accuracy.  These worlds can be converted into a triangular mesh, allowing us to turn your city into a digital 3D world (....just imagine GTA Edinburgh!).

City Solar Atlas

One of the most prominent features of capturing cities in high resolution 3D is our ability to then analyse the potential incoming solar radiation.  This analysis visualises clearly where solar PV panels could (and should?) be placed.

Geo-Visualisation by Steven Kay, using GRASS/QGIS

Geo-Visualisation by Steven Kay, using GRASS/QGIS