GeoGeo Moves to a New Home!

At the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, we bring low carbon leaders and practitioners from business, finance and the public sector together to turn good ideas into reality.
— ECCI -

A new year, a new office!  Today, the team celebrated moving into the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI), a world leading hub for low carbon living which brings together some of the most forward thinking organisations on energy efficiency, renewable energy development and climate change policy and research.

Many of the goals and aspirations at the ECCI resonate with our own, as we aim in 2015 to continue collaborating with governments, businesses, communities and academics alike to provide smart geo-enabled solutions to help craft a sustainable, resilient future for Scotland and the rest of the world.  

With our team and client base expanding both in scale and geography, we're delighted to move into such a forward thinking environment, where there is a clear drive towards developing enterprise and innovation for a low carbon future.  We hope that our own mapping skills will come in handy to help bring these communities of interest together and accelerate the ideas of low carbon leaders.

Above all, they're our kind of people!  Click here to learn more about our new home!