Scotland's Youth Submit Their Dreams for Our Sustainable Future

GeoGeo has, in partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) and Scotland's Environment Web (SEWeb), developed an online mapping platform to help young people from around Scotland submit their ideas for a sustainable future.... and we should ALL be listening!

The KSB and SEWeb competitions were run simultaneously, named "Young Reporters of the Environment" and "Youth Discussion" respectively.  Their aim was to involve young persons aged five to eighteen and to encourage them to put forward their ideas for how we can achieve a low carbon and sustainable future.

GeoGeo was brought in to build the framework from which to manage the competitions.  Utilising GeoDjango, the Vimeo API and some handy work with OpenLayers and GeoServer, our solutions team got to work!  We even delivered a judges panel so that volunteers from YoungScot could explore through the various submissions and cast their votes based on eight criteria.

Why not have a look yourself and see the ingenious dreams of the next generation.

Visit to explore.