At the core of our mission is our remit to build local capacity of local communities, governments and organisations helping our transition to a sustainable, resilient world.  To help them learn and adopt modern mapping tools and technologies and upscale it use within a development and resilience context.  Our flagship community mapping programme was designed in the heart of East Africa over a number years before trialling here in Scotland, teaching local residents to take ownership over their local geographies and bolster the availability of open data vital for creating maps which are both locally important and creative.  

We provide communities, as well as public and private sector organisations, with training and support; learning the very latest mapping tools to help them maximise their use of geographic information; everything from open source (QGIS, GRASS, Leaflet, Mapbox) to proprietary (ESRI, ERDAS, Pix4D) mapping tools to ensure our clients remain on cutting edge of geography.


Every community is different.  So before mapping comes discussion over prioritising areas of concern from which a community-led catalogue of features to be mapped.

Capacity Building

From planned mapping to rapid reporting, we help transform community catalogues into geographic data, helping you to graduate as local digital geography champions.

cartographic output

Data is great, but visualising community knowledge with modern mapping allows information to be shared and analysed online, interactively and beautifully.


In early 2013, Geo.Geo worked in partnership with Sniffer and Adaptation Scotland to help a sustainability group from the Carse of Gowrie, a series of low-lying communities situated between Perth and Dundee in Scotland.

Over the 6 workshop programme, Geo.Geo helped local residents to identify key issues affecting their local environment, learning mapping tools to translate these into over 11,000 digital features.  

The result was a series comprehensive maps produced by community members reflecting local insight addressing a vast array of topics, from drainage systems to ancient orchards, local businesses and tourism. 

Our work was so profound, the open source community (courtesy of Derick Rethans) helped to create the timelapse animations below to showcase the profound impact that empower communities can have on becoming custodians of their own map.