Alba 3D: Changing the State of Open (Geo)Data in Scotland

With the dawn of our new 3D surveying using the very bleeding edge of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), this summer sees the start of GeoGeo's mission to produce a 3D open data map of Scotland, while also providing some of the country's "early adopters" with most high resolution 3D models available anywhere.

Stay tuned for our coverage map of Scotland - coming soon!

Why Open Up 3D Data?

In the Age of Information, data underpins many of the economic opportunities for businesses.  When these datasets are commercialised, the benefits of 'great data' marginalise 90% of UK businesses, with only the elite few able to afford and take advantage.

3D models can be extremely useful for many communities, organisations and governments; providing useful ways in which to understand our terrain, built environment and potential development impacts (such as wind turbines, sustainable drainage and flood resilience, to name just a few!).

GeoGeo aims to revolutionise the state of open data here in Scotland, by releasing 3D models of the cities, towns and rural landscapes we cover.  This will be made available at 1m resolution, the very same resolution currently being commercialised through the conventional / traditional means (such as LiDAR).  Please get in touch if you're interested to learn how your community can become an early adopter of this game-changing dataset.